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mai. 20e, 2008 | 10:46 pm
whereabouts: In a beanie
we are: soresore
musik: Christina Aguileria
posted by: luridlysteph14 in tasteofflight

Gah. So, this is going to have to be an obligatory thing from now on, with no locked posts. Because Ron's going to be reading about it.


Uh, so, no more bitching about... well. I never bitch about Ron, so there's nothing to... stop doing? That was easy :D.

Got a new program tonight, full of arm ex. to do with barbells. I felt a little thick, which is partly my fault but, you know, the whole "footballers priority" thing. But alos my fault... for not doing weights for almost a year. Oops.

So that'll be nice and hard. Start that Friday 12:04pm. -anticipates burn-


Went from "8 step" which has morphed from 15.16 to 16.16, Left foot start (not right, obviously). Under, but confident in the box. Should be okay for Sunday morning.

There's not that loopy-easy feeling of bending the pole. Need to figure out how to do that more often. Now I've done it, I don't like the harder feeling. I trust it more when I can rock back more. Hurrupmh.


Oh, I am so freaking awesome. I need to stop being so elated that I'm actually faster and need to concentrate on my arms towards the end, especially around the bend as they tend to go into the "hulking footballer" high-shoulders-rounded-coming-across-of-elbows. I don't honestly care whether I breathe like a -horse, did we establish?- it's working.


Way to backtrack.
& Finished session. Supersetted the push & pull.
& Was able to go 90 without too much breakdown. Still dropping hips in planks, though.
& Finished session, but boycotted the push ups slightly. I did them against the mirrors, on fingertips. Somehow, shoulders were sore but still didn't feel as though I did them properly, because my biceps didn't hurt the way they do in normal push ups.
& Finished on time. Yaaaaay. Did a different warm up, yaaaaaaay.


It was evil fairyfloss day. It was a day for the simple carbohydrates. But, those lollies helped me stay awake during Legals o all is well in the world. Ate within 15 mins - yoghurt & apple after weights, museli bar & crackers after PV. The tuna was rank, so that wasn't eaten.

& now it's bedtime, yo. Before I start it alll over again.

(So, you've noticed now it's actually a journal, and a girl's journal at that. Full of sunshine, roses and unicorn farts.)

I need to be patient and full extend instead of doing the "beached whale".

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18th - 19th May

mai. 19e, 2008 | 10:31 pm
whereabouts: Westfields Tartan
musik: Peachy - Missy Higgins
posted by: luridlysteph14 in tasteofflight



5x 5steps
5x 10steps
5x 15steps

& Lost count of steps
& Felt as if there was no "power" as in, woosh woosh Nathan BREATHING power, but felt steady
& Moved left block to 2, right to 3. Right foot still a little too far back
& Must learn to really fall. Should do some falling starts... Will do as soon as I remember. Honestly, sprinters being fearless - no, they just enjoy the feeling of catching themselves before they fall face first on the tartan. Snobs.
& Watch for ball of foot; drive left arm above head; push with arms & balls of feet;
& Move left arm in, right arm slightly out & lean forwards into tilt, go up, sink slightly.


Had one good "jump" from the 8 step. Not too sure if it's actually the run up, or the whole balking thing. highly annoying, and Lara wasn't helping by constatnly saying "wrong foot!" because obviously, it wasn't. I think I know when I jump off the left foot. It sort of... uh, cripples? Crumbles? I was bringing my legs together to make the mats, resulted in sore pelvic girdle & pulling bag again.

Reminder: Go through with jump & lean backwards as knee comes up, or I'll strain my bag. Not the feather dusters.

Good jump: Forgot to drop head, but it felt so easy, even though my arms were straight. I feel weaker, yet stronger, and need to work from that position instead of just being satisfied with "oh yay, arms straight & easy!"

Jumps at 3 (10ft) The pole vault slightly twisted, but I actually got it in the box, so no complaints there. Hit & Hopeish jumps, no element of waiting.

Must WAIT. Must allow body to be carried by the pole - reason arms are so weak trying to push off is that the pole is too far away. We don't want any embarressing basketball pictures.


I think the genius of the 400m is that I know that the discus cage means 200m. The bend means, okay, let's breathe hard and kick it into gear. Arm straight, outside arm can do what it so pleases as long as it's not a goose. Straight is lengthening stride (hips up) and arms straight.

Last 100m is a push, must encourage self mopre to really lactate & feel it afterwrds. Should time self? (Leave to chance, feel self evaluation.)

400m Makes it all worth it.



5x 50m @ 70%, 2mins recovery between
5x 20m @ 70% --> 50m @ 90%

Need to find 70% easier, second one was a little lax. Arms better, must remember to lift hips naturally and concentrate on:

& arms
& tilt
& balls (of feet. Ew. Who wants to look at freeballing sprinters? It's bad enough they get changed up the top)
& hips
& moderate speed

Thought the session went well. Was about to say I could do more, but that would be training silly, not smart. I feel it in my glutes now. Should have run it out. Went for a jog.

Oh: Annoyed at boys. Couldn't necessarily run through line, had the fear of running into the idiots who stopped on the track in the way. Assholes. I ran up the bank, but would have liked to have really flown at it. Didn't undertrain, but didn't feel the lightness and power.

James is gay.

Nathan is alright, as are the other kids. Because they're kids, and I'm the bitchy yr 12. Hah. Bitches!

Was a little rude to Fred, and expected to be able to do a little drill after they were done. He took the pipes away from the long jump, assuming I wanted to jump ASAP, and interrupt the session. Manesha still had one jump, and he took the pipes away from her not me. I was going to do Standing Triple Drills.

He can be so ... arrogant, and ignorant aren't the words. Stubborn, is though. God, I appreciate him, but his moods & his meanness are really uncalled for sometimes. I hate it when people don't utalise it, and don't listen. I suppose I could listen more for other people. I want to win this, and not the competition. I want to win me.


(We don't suck... as much. Jump like Standing Long, land on Left. Look up, use arms in long jump)

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mai. 19e, 2008 | 09:35 pm
whereabouts: Garage, heater at my feet
we are: busybusy
musik: A Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope
posted by: luridlysteph14 in tasteofflight

A quick explaination: This journal may be regailed with a) annoyance b) elation c)musings or d)swearing - associated entries. I can't promise they'll be coherant. I dislike equations, so it'll pretty much be in words + 2.

I may use feet and inches. If I have no idea of feet and inches for the particular and precise measurement, you'll have to put up with metres and centimetres :).

Sunday = Pole Vault
Monday = Sprints, Long
Tuesday = Weights, Pole Vault
Wednesday = Long, 400m
Thursday = Stretching, Strength
Friday = Weights (Winter) FREE (Summer)
Saturday = FREE (Winter) COMP (Summer)

So if you're interested, those days'll always be applicable, and the rantings, ravings and reassurances.

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